62. SCALLOP PAD PED* (สแกลลอปผัดเผ็ด)                 $12.95

      Tender scallops stir-fried with green bean and vegetables in spicy sauce.


63. PLA RAD PRIG (ลาราดพริก)                  $14.95

         Deep fried tilapia top with sweet and sour sauce mixed with vegetables.


64. PAD TALAY * (ผัดทะเลกระทะร้อน)            $14.95

      Assorted seafood (prawns, fish, calamari, and scallops) sautéed with

      mixed fresh vegetables, mushrooms, baby corn and basil in spicy sauce.


65. PANANG FRIED FISH* (แกงพะแนงปลาทอด)              $13.95

      Deep fried fish (catfish or salmon) in Panang curry sauce and Thai basil. 


66. GARLIC PRAWNS* (กุ้งกระเทียม)                $12.95

      Prawns sautéed with carrot and broccoli in specialty garlic sauce.


67. MUSSELS SPECIAL (หอยแมงภู่ผัดน้ำพริกเผา)                     $12.95

      Blue mussels sautéed with curry past in oil, bell peppers, onions and basil.



68. CRISPY TROUT SALAD  (ยำปลากรอบสมุนไพร)              $14.95

      Deep fried trout seasoning with lime juice, green onions, cabbage, carrots,