THAI SALAD (สลัด)       $8.95               

      Grilled beef or chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lettuce mixed with limejuice.

      (Beef+$2.00,Prawns $4)

AVOCADO GREEN SALAD (อโวคาโดสลัด)     $9.95

     A Thai feast of cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, green onions, fresh avocado, cilantro mixed with delicious lime juice.

LARB CHICKEN(ลาบไก่ )   LARB BEEF  (ลาบเนื้อ)     $9.95

     Choice of ground beef or chicken in lime juice mixed with cilantro green onion served with wedge of cabbage.

PAPAYA SALAD    (ส้มตำ)           $9.95

      Shredded fresh green papaya, tomatoes, green bean, carrot, peanut mixed with lime juice served with fresh cabbage.